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Using Content Marketing to Improve Local SEO

We all know by now that people rely heavily on the search engines to locate local services and products and there all kinds of strategies for grabbing attention for your local business at the top of the search engines.

But how can we tailor the content on our websites to perform better for local searches?

Below is a fantastic infographic which shows some of the ways businesses can tweak their content to perform better in Google and other search engines for local search phrases.

Know Where Your Customers are Located

It sounds obvious but if you want to attract customers to your website you should know where they are based. For most local businesses this will obviously be their town, city or region. But if you serve a wide area it might be worth checking your website analytics to see if you can work out if there are specific towns or suburbs where a good number of your customers are based. Or use traditional market research or surveys to determine this.

Modify Your Content to Target Local Keywords

To benefit from local searches your content needs to reflect the locations you are targeting. If you want to receive enquiries for “holiday park Polperro”, this phrase and/or a variation of these words needs to be present in the page copy as well as title tags, headline and image alt tags. If you want to get your business found for locations close to your base, you could include these additional locations in this page or create special pages for each of the relevant locations – as long as that content is unique and relevant to your potential customers. In our example you might want to also tailor the page or a different web page for”holiday park near Looe”.

Keep Your Content Local – and Therefore Relevant

Besides the static pages on your website you can increase the local relevancy and improve your chances of getting found for local searches if you create additional content such as locally themed news articles, blog posts and videos. The infographic provides some great sources of local content to inspire your stories. Remember that the more items of locally relevant content you publish, the more likely you are to get found for the services and products you provide in your local area.

Analyse Which Content Performs Well and Do More

After you’ve created, published and shared your local content check your web and social stats to see which content pieces are best supporting your local SEO. See which ones are ranking well in the search engines and bringing in the most locally sourced traffic. When you spot a winner, do more in this style.

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Brafton's Infographic: Make Content Marketing Drive Local SEO

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