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14 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2014 An Infographic

The marketing team at Net Affinity have put together 14 Hotel Marketing trends for 2014 to keep you up to date with developments in Digital Marketing to help you get ahead of the curve with your digital marketing strategy.

Elliot Walker‘s insight:

This is a great infographic with a concise selection of trends and tips for successful hotel and tourism marketing in 2014. The need for mobile or responsive websites is now a given but worth re-iterating as we approach a new season. Major digital marketing developments to look out for this year include :

  • greater emphasis on contextual content to drive searchers to your website;
  • meta search optimisation for reach across multiple platforms and travel sites;
  • growing importance of Google+ as the predominant social platform for essential promotional tools for tourism businesses;
  • huge opportunities to use geo targeting to attract, reach and retain potential visitors whether on mobile or desktop.
Check out the infographic for a visual presentation of the digital marketing opportunities for hotels and tourism businesses in 2014.
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