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SEO Techniques for Bigger Picture Promotion

SEO techniquesThis article raises some good issues about the state of SEO and the need to diversify marketing efforts for ‘bigger picture’ success. If you’re in to SEO you probably know about these techniques before. But often we see these techniques ignored as companies tend to only cover the basics of optimisation.

The interesting suggests Semantic SEO, Holistic SEO and Barnacle SEO as methods that we have overlooked. However many of us have been using these methods for years whether intentionally or by accident.

The big take away from this is that website owners should not get caught up in the hardcore link-building tasks which dominated search engine promotion in the past.

In today’s web we need to diversify marketing efforts to encompass content, social and good old-fashioned brand promotion. The suggestions in this post on SEO techniques are all part of this ‘bigger picture’ promotion.

These tips include:

  • Making sure online content is relevant and naturally ‘on topic’ for Semantic SEO
  • Making sure everything in and around a website is optimized and functioning efficiently for Holistic SEO
  • “Piggy Backing’ the success of bigger websites with solid ranking through guest posts, directory listings and PR

As the author states, “these 3 SEO techniques are parts of the same thread – all striving towards making the Internet a much better place. Content will get created keeping humans in mind, and it will become easier for search engines to direct searchers to the best results on the Web.”

Source: 3 SEO Techniques You Probably Haven’t Heard About Read more at http://www.business2community.com/seo/3-seo-techniques-probably-havent-heard-0977229#2phEzFVY3LI3C7iW.99 If you’re in to SEO you probably have heard about these techniques many times…

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