Search Engine Optimization in Pictures – VIDEO

Our guide to the awesome world of SEO – simply put we say “Make Good Stuff!”. Video courtesy of Climbing Trees,

Elliot Walker’s insight:
It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities of SEO. So it’s refreshing to see this cute little video which lays out the basics of SEO very simply. It’s well worth a watch.

The core message in this video is to ‘Make Good Stuff’. Now that may seem obvious but many people lose sight of this as they try to optimise or over-optimise their sites for search engine ranking. So instead of getting sidetracked by the latest on-site tricks and ingenious link-building techniques it would be wise for most website owners to concentrate first on making their website good.

This reminds me of the old marketing maxim ‘keep it simple, stupid’ or KISS. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a good, valuable website should be the basis of your campaign. If this is achieved all else will follow.

If a website is good, useful, informative or inspirational, more people will visit it, more people will link to it, more people will share it with their friends, so even more people will visit. This will all help improve search engine rankings.

Yes, you still need to optimise your title tags, text and images. Yes, you still need to promote the site. But if you concentrate on making the website ‘good’ in the first place, your efforts will be rewarded many times over in the long run.

So remember to ‘keep it simple’ and ‘make good stuff’.

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