Digital PR

Spread your message online and gain valuable links, shares and mentions
from leading publications and quality, relevant websites.

Digital PR

Spread your message online and gain valuable links, shares and mentions from leading publications and quality, relevant websites.

Digital PR

Spread your message online and gain valuable links, shares and mentions from leading publications and quality, relevant websites.

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Increase Brand Awareness & Rankings with Digital PR

We regularly communicate with travel and tourism journalists and bloggers to gain publicity for your brand and links to your website. Digital PR supports your SEO and content marketing efforts and helps with search engine rankings and brand awareness.

Our Digital PR Approach

Our route to digital PR success.

Strategy & Ideation

We assess your business goals and devise a strategy and story ideas to help you gain coverage and links from travel and tourism publications and blogs.

Digital PR for SEO

Our PR service is designed to get links from relevant, authoritative websites to improve your online visibility and achieve top search engine rankings.

Press Release Writing

We write press releases with the correct structure and information to attract the attention of travel and tourism editors, journalists and bloggers.

PR Distribution

We send out newsworthy press releases to our network of travel and tourism publications and blogs. We can also distribute stories for publication on news syndication sites.

Invitation to Comment

We’re regularly asked for comments and information on stories doing the rounds in the media. We provide topical and timely responses for inclusion in news and blog sites.

Guest Posts

Sometimes editors and blog owners are willing to publish guest posts on their sites. In these cases, we can write relevant, informative articles that link back to your site.

Benefits of content marketing for conversions

Spread Your Message Online With Digital PR.

Get mentions in local and national press, and write-ups on influential blogs to attract visitors and improve your rankings.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to the questions most commonly
asked about Digital PR.

What is Digital PR and how can it help?

Digital PR is all about gaining online coverage for your business to raise brand awareness and generate links for your website.

Digital PR is an important part of an SEO strategy as links from major publications and authoritative websites can help improve search engine rankings and establish your brand as a key player in your location.

Digital PR can also help you reach new audiences of potential holidaymakers who may never have heard about your business or thought about visiting your area.

How much does Digital PR cost?

Digital PR is usually done as part of an ongoing SEO campaign as they work very well together.

However we can also write and distribute individual press releases, and conduct one-off campaigns to support your wider marketing efforts.

Ongoing campaigns start at £750 per month, while press releases can be supplied for as little as £150 each.

What’s the difference between digital and regular PR?

Digital PR is primarily concerned with gaining online coverage, so your business has good visibility on the internet.

Traditional PR has a much wider remit to include print publications and broadcast media.

Am I guaranteed coverage??

Unfortunately, coverage is never guaranteed. We use our experience and judgement to create timely and newsworthy stories and comments that are highly likely to get published.

Digital PR requires constant, ongoing work to gain the ear of journalists and editors and ensure your brand is top of mind when they are researching features.

Like most digital marketing, digital PR is most successful as part of a long-term strategy.

How will digital PR help SEO?

A website needs strong backlinks from relevant, authoritative websites to rank well in the search engines.

Backlinks from national news sites and leading travel blogs are among the best links you can possibly get for your business.

They provide a vote of confidence for your site and send signals to Google and the other search engines that your website is worthy of a prominent position in the search results pages.

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